Stop doing your own bookkeeping and start making money working your business!
This is what I say to business owners that try to take care of their own bookkeeping.  You aren't making money if you are sitting behind a desk trying to do your own books.  Save money instead by outsourcing your the SERVICES button to see how!

My name is Ann and I am offering my bookkeeping services to anyone with a small business.  Running a business of any sort is hard enough without having to spend time rifling through bills and paperwork, or trying to handle your own payroll accounting.  Tax time is especially nerve racking!   I can take that worry off your shoulders and help organize your paperwork into easy to read reports.


I also have been involved in equine related operations for the last 40 years, so if your business deals with horses, I can help you there also.  I offer services to Clubs, Associations and special reporting for Equine Related Businesses, such as Training Barns or Boarding Stables.  


Just check out the Services Tab above to see how I can help your business, Club or Association!


Thank you,

Ann Darnell



  • Advisory

  • Bookkeeping

  • Cash Management

  • Equine Record Keeping