& Clubs



  • After Show Reporting

  • Treasurer Reports

    • Monthly Reports

    • Pay Bills

    • Balance Checkbooks

  • Filing of 1099 Forms

  • Filing of Year End Tax Forms


Equine Related Tracking




  • Progeny Reports

  • Invoice Customers

  • Show Records

  • Pedigree Reports

  • Vet Reports

  • Breeding Records

  • Care & Feeding Schedules


Small Business




  • Track Accounts Payable

  • Track Accounts Receivables

  • Provide Reporting

  • Invoice Customers

  • Balance Checkbooks

  • Pay Bills





  • Budgeting

  • Saving

  • Track Expenses

Advantages of Outsourcing:


1) Don't have to hire employee to do

  • No benefits to pay

  • No payroll taxes

  • No medical coverage, etc

  • No office space

  • No paid time off

2) Focus on Competencies - don't stretch

    that employee to thin that is expected

    to do bookkeeping and other duties!

3) Time Savings - spend time on building

     your business instead of doing your

     own bookkeeping

4) Expert Service - I constantly hone my

     skills as a bookkeeper to keep up with

     the competition and provide a more

     quality product for my client

5) Contractual Obligation - my service is

     contracted to do your bookkeeping

      which lessens the risk for your business